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We offer all types of hormone replacement therapy through our local and compounding pharmacies and with

bio-identical hormone pellets.  These options, along with traditional hormone therapy, can alleviate the common symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes, night sweats, mental fogginess, decreased libido, mood changes and others.

You will be able to enhance your overall health and well-being in a number of ways. One way is with the addition of an all natural, bio-identical hormone therapy by BioTE® Medical. This proven therapy is safe and effective at alleviating the following symptoms:

  • Depression

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Low sex drive

  • Night sweats

  • Joint aches and pains

  • Irritability and Mood swings

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Memory loss, Mental fog and confusion

  • Hot flashes…Just to name a few

The hormone therapy uses a pellet therapy that is individually dosed, for each specific patient. Gone are the days of guessing what dosage of traditional, synthetic hormones to use. With this proven method, your labs are taken and used to determine exactly what dosage of Estrogen and/or Testosterone that your body needs to be in optimum health and overall increased sense of well-being. This method also looks in depth at Thyroid disease and Vitamin deficiency, which can all play a role in your overall optimum health and longevity.

Not all hormone replacement therapies (HRT) are created equal and the BioTE® method recognizes that HRT is NOT a “one size fits all” approach. If you have any of the above symptoms, then you need a hormone expert and there are three (3) providers at our clinic that can help you achieve your absolute very best!

To learn more about BioTE® and bio-Identical hormone therapy, please visit

Click on and complete the Hormone Therapy Checklist [for women] or [for men] and bring this completed list to your consultation.

Call our office at (830) 792-0805 to schedule this very important first step.

Click here to see some of the most commonly asked questions about this exciting therapy.

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